All the people around us not born by travelers, every once family, friends and some persons or some incidents that happened in their life makes them fall in love with travelling, Because it’s a feeling. once you fell in love with it you can’t return.

Here are the most precious tips for you guys…

  1. You should carry a towel
  2. Carry only small backpack
  3. Pack very light
  4. Take an extra Bank credit card
  5. At least once you travel alone
  6. Use map for the location and recommendations
  7. Visit local tourism office
  8. Keep your money in different place
  9. Take only thing that you want
  10. Carry a lock with you
  11. Keep extra copies of your documents
  12. Learn basic phrases of the local language
  13. Plane to fly indirect, it will reduce cost
  14. Don’t eat at a tourist area
  15. Should carry a first-aid kit
  16. Book your flight in advance
  17. Meet locals for better experience
  18. Make friends on the road
  19. But some people do bite
  20. Avoid taxies
  21. Should try new food
  22. Keep emergency cash
  23. Should carry a Jacket
  24. Should be vaccinated
  25. Must carry shoes
  26. Eating street food!
  27. Get a travel insurance
  28. You should be patient
  29. You should be respectful
  30. Book tickets online
  31. Don’t be so cheap
  32. Earplugs to avoid snorers
  33. Take photos
  34. Keep extra power banks with you
  35. Wear sunscreen
  36. Don’t over plan your trip
  37. Carry multi-purpose power plugs
  38. Carry a water bottle
  39. Sun glass is a must thing
  40.  Mobile and Internet its everything now